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I always like to ask our customers how and where they first discovered Larimar.  Inevitably, they'll tell me that they first saw it on their honeymoon, or a vacation in the Dominican Republic, or a Caribbean cruise.  Me?  I first discovered Larimar at a Costco in Culver City, California.

I immediately fell in love with the stone (but was surprised at how expensive it was!) and decided against buying it.  I knew for sure that I could find it someplace else in Los Angeles - WRONG!!  and if not there, then on Ebay.   I looked everywhere but couldn't find any place in Los Angeles to buy Larimar.  So, I went to Ebay.  I bid on what I thought was a fabulous pendant.  WRONG AGAIN!!  I spent way too much money on what ended up being a teeny, tiny little stone, somewhat greenish, with a handmade bail made out of thin silver wire. 

I knew there must be a better way to buy Larimar.  After much research, I finally found other sources for Larimar - finally seeing stones more beautiful than I could have imagined.

and Larimarket was born!

So, I bought and I bought until I ran out of places to store my beautiful Larimar treasures.  And then, my husband suggested that perhaps we should start selling it.  I was delighted at the idea.  Now, I could surround myself with this gorgeous stone AND spread the word about Larimar. 

and then came Larimarvelous!

In our constant journey to discover more and more Larimar (you fellow Larimar lovers know what I’m talking about!), we have met so many talented designers.  We found so many unusual, beautiful distinctive pieces that we just couldn’t resist and had to have for you.  In order to share our treasures, we created Larimarvelous!  

We found Larimar paired with the most lovely and often unique gemstones – how creative and imaginative these wonderful designers are!

If you can imagine, over the years, we’ve probably looked at tens of thousands of Larimar pieces of jewelry.  Of all of those, we picked the best of the very best – and here they are -at Larimarvelous.

Plus, I think just about every piece on the website has been handmade (which in and of itself is truly amazing to me!).   

So, here we are . . .  very excited at the prospect of sharing our hand-selected Larimar jewelry with each and every one of you (and all of your friends and relatives, too, hopefully!)  

I learned the hard way about buying Larimar.  I didn't realize that there was a difference in quality of stone.  I thought all Larimar was basically the same.  Boy, was I wrong again!  I've seen good and I've seen bad Larimar and there is a world of difference between them.  I hope to save you all the trouble.

the best of the best!

At Larimarvelous, we hand pick each and every item we carry.   We are always on the lookout for THE Larimar stone - wherever we go.  Our Larimar comes from designers, artists and artisans from all over the world.  We pick the very best of what we find - and the result is a fabulous collection of Larimar.  When you buy from us, you're getting the very best of the best! 

something for everyone!

Keeping in mind that everyone has different tastes and preferences, we carry all color ranges of stones, from lighter blue to deep volcanic blue.  Small pendants, large pendants, bold pieces, petite pieces - we have something for everyone!  We invite you look around our store and please be sure to check out our sister store, Larimarket

feel free to ask!!

If you have a question about a particular item or can't find something you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We are always getting new designs in, so please check our site often and if you don't see something you're looking for, ask us, because we probably have it but it's just not up on the site yet.  We'll always be happy to send you additional photos of any item that you're looking at. 

we pride ourselves on our customer service and super fast shipping!

We pride ourselves on our customer service, doing everything we can to make your shopping experience as pleasant and fun as possible.  We ship quickly, almost always within 24 hours and often the same day!  We're as anxious for you to receive your Larimar jewelry as you are!

we'd love to hear what you think!

As we started setting up this website, I got excited all over again!  As we listed and photographed each item up on the site, I got to enjoy each piece. 

I can’t wait for you to see all these exciting new designs and designers.  I’d love to get your feedback.  If you get the chance, please email me and tell me what you think!

Enjoy shopping!

Laurie & Stan


We're just launching Larimarvelous.com and we want you to have total confidence in us - to know that we strive for the ultimate in customer service and quality - as we love to say - the best of the best - in both! 

So, towards that end, we're providing testimonials from our wonderful customers of Larimarket.com and aaalarimar.com (which we hope to replace with glowing testimonials from you about your Larimarvelous experiences!).

And, most importantly, thank you to all of our marvelous customers who've taken the time to write about your experiences shopping with us.  We so appreciate you!

Our special thanks to all of you:

" . . . I just received my first order from Larimarket.com. I am speechless. I did not know what to expect as this was my first order, and upon opening the package, I am just absolutely thrilled.

The earrings are a birthday present for my sister.  I ordered them early “just in case” she did not like them. I now know I have no worries there. When I gave them to her today, she too was absolutely astounded. They are so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o gorgeous. The packaging and the presentation are equally wonderful. The whole experience makes the recipient, and the giver, feel special. Thank you again for your high standards and excellent product. They are very much enjoyed. I will be back for more." -- Cathie M.

"I received the pendant today. Thank you for your expedited shipping. I was not expecting that, and I know that you didn't have to send it express.

The piece is fantastic. I have to admit that I was very apprehensive about buying a piece from your site as I had no recommendations or any other reviews after scouring the internet. However, after getting the phone calls and stream of emails updating my purchase information, I feel extremely satisfied with your company and will not hesitate to do business with you again.

One thing I was concerned about while browsing is that I didn't know that I was actually looking at the piece I would be receiving. I was unsure if this was the actual piece or if it was just a "representation" of what it would look like.  . .

The pieces just look to good to be true, and usually on the internet when I get that feeling I run the other way.  If it were not for your refund policy I would not have ordered.

I am happy to say that you have a lifelong customer and advocate of marahlago larimar pieces. Which is good for you because my wife loves this stone. ;) --
Jayson Y.

"I received my beautiful Larimar jewelry yesterday!  It was all wrapped so beautifully and I was super excited to open the boxes!  All the pieces you picked for me are gorgeous.  I don't think I have ever stumbled upon a nicer, professional company in, what I like to call, "my shopping career!"  First off, your website is beautiful and very user friendly.  You were so pleasant to me when I called with my inquiries.  Everything arrived very quickly, very nicely packed, and nothing broken or out of place.  I am so happy that I found you!  And, when I get those compliments when I'm wearing these pieces, I will most certainly recommend, without a doubt, you and your wonderful company.  Thank you for making this experience a most positive one." -- Marsha H.

" I want to thank you for your excellent service.

I am truly enjoying my beautiful Larimar jewelry. I have had so many compliments on these lovely pieces. The quality of the merchandise is superior to almost all the pieces I saw on vacation in the Mexican Rivera. The items arrived very quickly. Laurie, it is such a delight to find business-owners that truly embrace customer service and place their customer’s needs and satisfaction as their top priority. You were so gracious and helpful in addressing my questions coupled with a superb knowledge of your product made my buying experience all the more rewarding. I will definitely be recommending and referring anyone that expresses an interest in Larimar to you for their purchases." --
Susan H.  

"I just wanted to follow up and say how I pleased I was with the customer service you rendered over the phone earlier this evening, and how much I appreciate the personal touch you gave in caring about my inquiry regarding the Larimar earrings I am interested in purchasing.  I know they're not the biggest ticket item, but the fact you were willing to give that much attention to my product inquiry really shows that you are committed to your customers.  I am really looking forward to doing business with you in the future, take care and have great weekend." -- Dan H.

"First of all, please allow me to tell you that your service is the very best I have ever received on the internet!!!!!  You are simply the best!!!!!!

Secondly, I have received my items and they are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! . . . " --
Julie D. 

"I received my Larimar ring today and am so pleased, but equally pleased with your note thanking me for ordering from Larimar.  I have always been 'nervous' about ordering online, never quite sure if my information was safe.  You kept me informed about the status of  my order and then personally signed a 'thank you for your order' note.  Needless to say, I am impressed.   Thank you." -- Pat A.

"So far I have purchased two pendants, one ring and a beautiful snake chain from you . . . everything gorgeous.  Thank you so much for for the wonderful customer service.  I really enjoy the personal touch in doing business with you.  All my purchases arrived beautifully wrapped the next day.  I look forward to purchasing more items from you in the future.

Best regards from a happy customer" -- Arlene B.

"i received the lovely heart and little diamond pendant i ordered. it is beautiful and i love it!!

also, i have to tell you i love your packaging and matching *larimar* hued packing stuff..i felt like i was getting a present from someone who cared and spent some time in wrapping it up. . .  thank you so much!!" -- Cynthia N.

"You are the best.  Just such awesome service and such fast shipping.  Thanks for all your personalized help with this.  Such a fascinating story you tell with your love for this on your website.  Makes it so personal!  Keep it up and much success.  I will be checking your site for more fun pieces. . .  " -- Sharon R.

"My ring arrived today, just as you predicted.  I am so pleased with it.  Though the color is quite light, it goes beautifully with my other Larimar pieces, especially my bracelet.  Prior to receiving a pendant and earrings for my birthday last year, I had never heard of Larimar.  That's all changed now!  I love the stone's peaceful soft blue color, with what seem like wispy clouds on the surface.

I have to commend you on your outstanding customer service.  You were so pleasant and helpful to speak with on the phone, and the careful and attractive packaging is another plus.

I  hope that as your business grows, as it must with your attractive web site, your reasonable prices, your variety of products, and your outstanding customer service, that you will be able to maintain the personal touch that helps make dealing with you such a pleasure.

Thank you again for a great shopping experience!" -- Nancy C.

"I found your site on-line and knew you had to be a kindred spirit when I read about your business and how you fell in love with larimar at Costco--one of my favorite places to shop!

I am a long time on-line shopper and have never been treated to such amazing customer service. I placed my order on Friday morning and  received my beautiful ring on Monday! And I felt like my jewelry was a present to myself--carefully and beautifully wrapped. Even the  packing material reminded me of the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Thank you for exceeding my expectations. I am looking forward to doing more "shopping" at Larimarket." -- Marlene S.

"When I first visited Larimarket.com, I immediately started wondering if this company just had a great Web site or a truly great product. Well, I received the earrings and ring in the mail yesterday -- they are even more gorgeous than they looked on the screen.

Also, Laurie was a joy to work with. She responded quickly to several questions I had, even before I placed an order. She also followed up afterward to ensure I was satisfied. I can just tell that this is the type of owner-operated company that simply will not allow customers to walk away unhappy. I will never buy larimar from anywhere else." --Jake R.

"On a scale of 1 to 10 this seller is an 11!!!  She goes way beyond what is necessary to make certain her customer is happy.  Initially, she explained the story about larimar and did not even know or seem to care if I was going to make a purchase, and I can assure you that she "knows her stuff".  If you want anything to do with larimar this is where you should look first and I guarantee she will find the item that "speaks to you".  She is honest, delightful and WILL take as much time as needed to make you a happy shopper." --Elaine F.

" . . . one more time, THANK YOU for all of your help, Laurie.  It has been a pleasure to work with you and I wish you great success.  Great products; great customer service." -- Barbara W.

"I recently purchased a pair of earrings and they are so beautiful.  I was hesitate to purchase from a unknown merchant, but I was reassured quickly with the prompt delivery and amazing quality of the earrings I purchased. 

I am looking again for an additional piece of jewelry to go with my earrings.  The color of the earrings are breathtaking.  I keep creating new outfits to go with my earrings.  I have received many compliments on them after two days.  The delivery was great, within two days I had my earrings." -- Grace

"Soon after I got of the phone with you this afternoon my package had arrived. I am pleased to say that I love my new Larimar ring and earrings I recently reorder last week. But what makes it more satisfying is your professional and courteous attitude in handling my specific issues were very important to complete my customer satisfaction.

I really look forward to purchasing more exotic pieces to add to my new jewelry collection. Thanks again for bringing me closer to earth's most elegant gemstone I have ever owned." -- Marisol F.

"I received my earrings yesterday, and they are beautiful. 

It is so nice, to shop on a website and the jewelry is just as pretty as pictured.  So many times I have been disappointed with what I receive, but not with your store.

Thank you, very much for your great customer service, and your beautiful jewelry!"


"I received the pendant today, and the color is wonderful!I love the pendant!

Thank you, for such a wonderful shopping experience.  The prices are great, and your customer service is excellent.

I will definitely be ordering again, and I will tell my friends about your online store."--
Diana M.

"Got the larimar tonight & all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!! Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! Thanks for such a fun experience. -- Linda

"Received the bracelet today, I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much for going the extra mile to ensure that I received the right one. I absolutely did, and will be ordering more in the future." -- Pat  

"Thank you so much for taking the time to send those to me, and for all of your time and advice on the phone!  I really appreciate it.  I have rarely experienced such great customer service. . . . " -- Kristen T.

"I have enjoyed our correspondence greatly.  You and Stan are the best on-line sellers I have ever encountered.  The kind of prompt and personal services are simply exemplary." -- Lin

"I just received the larimar hearts and they are beautiful!!!  Looking forward to wearing one and I'm planning to give my daughter one also.  My daughter introduced me to larimar and I feel so special everytime I wear it.  My collection is growing nicely!!!

You do find great pieces...thanks again for your kindness and amazing customer service." -- Grace K.

"Picked up my GORGEOUS lightning bolt pendant just now. WOWOHWOWHWOW!! <lol>" -- AI

"I wanted to let you know that I received my ring today (Tuesday) and I just "LOVE" it. It fit perfectly and the color was beautiful. I will definitely be purchasing from you in the near future. Thank you again." -- Barb

"Thanks so much for the fast shipping.  The pendant is beautiful.  I've received so many compliments!!  I look forward in doing more business with you guys." -- April

"The pendant arrived today and you were right, it is absolutely beautiful! The picture in the  listing couldn't show just how beautiful it is! --Lester

"Best larimar anywhere! superior quality, and terrific customer service" --Kaye

"I absolutely could not be happier. Thank you so much!" --Dara

"Super friendly seller and GREAT ring! Thanks for the quick & free shipping" --Erin

"Highest quality larimar I have seen, very nice, extra fast shipping! Thanks"

"Very happy with product, more important So is my wife.  It would be very hard to better their service and product.  Great inventory, prompt service" --Ron

"It's really great doing business with you. Items is top quality and so are you!" --EA

"The pendant is there!!!   This stone is absolutely breathtaking - you didn't promise too much - far from this.  This incredible patterning together with the intensive colours are so spectacular! And the pendant is so huge! I also showed it to my mum - she is thrilled as well!

Again I would like to pay you the compliment that you offer the most exceptional larimar stones I have seen so far. My mum and I went on a "mineral market"(?) last month and the larimar stones there were light-years away from your quality . . " --
Marion in Germany


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